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Beer Review


Slottskällans Kloster 2006 Well todays beer is of a more interesting character compared to the previous one i reviewed. As the title suggests this is the 2006 vintage of Slottskällans Kloster. Abbey style beer, 33cl bottle at 9% ABV. It pours a hazy red tinted brown with a quickly disapearing head. The aroma is quite […]

Gotlands Bryggeri Wisby Weisse Ok, i was hoping to kick off with a bigger beer to celebrate the first beer review in my blog, but since my hang over does not really allow that i chose to start with a rather mild style. This is a German style Weisse beer, brewed by Gotlands Bryggeri. 50cl […]

I find myself pondering if I’m slowly going insane as I’m starting to enjoy working these crazy hours. Leaving the office at 02:30 am today and feel very happy and clear mentally. I suppose this might have the simple explanation of seeing things coming togheter on our project. After months of hard work, adding more […]

Leaving the office after yet another day of overtime. To accompany todays blog update, I’m including some pictures i took while walking home. Interesting to try and take some pictures while actually walking 🙂 Unlike most days recently, didnt actually manage to leave the office before around midnight. Boy oh boy isnt it a glamorous […]