Beer Review


Slottskällans Kloster 2006

Well todays beer is of a more interesting character compared to the previous one i reviewed. As the title suggests this is the 2006 vintage of Slottskällans Kloster. Abbey style beer, 33cl bottle at 9% ABV.

It pours a hazy red tinted brown with a quickly disapearing head. The aroma is quite potent with some bread, spice and a almost syrupy sweetness, red fruits and there is even a slight hint of alcohol in it but that is very faint. Overall the nose is quite indistinct and it is quite hard to distinguish the various components. It does of course have a Belgian style smell to it, but i was kind of expecting that given the style.

The taste actually surprised me a bit though, with that amount of aroma, even if indistinguishable, i was expecting the taste to very potent and for the somewhat indistinguishable components to open up a bit, but it is in fact quite round and slightly mild for the style but overall quite balanced. Very surprising considering that its 9% ABV. Bit of spice, fruitiness and very slight bit of alcohol in the aftertaste. An interesting licorice like nature develops in the aftertaste over time, i could have wished that the flavor lingered a bit more though, it disappears quite quickly.

I have a hard time making my mind up about this, but i think the best conclusion to make is that when a brewery choose to do a belgian quadrupel styled beer, you are going up against some really tough competition and for me i would never chose this over, say, a Rochefort 10 for example.

Its not bad, but its not great either. If you’re new to this style of beer and you want a quadrupel that is somewhat basic but gives some of the main components of the beer style without the complex nature of flavors that most people enjoy about the quad’s then i would recomend giving this beer i try. Hard to make up my mind about the score for this one but the conclusion is:

Rating: 6/10


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