First beer review up.


Gotlands Bryggeri Wisby Weisse

Ok, i was hoping to kick off with a bigger beer to celebrate the first beer review in my blog, but since my hang over does not really allow that i chose to start with a rather mild style. This is a German style Weisse beer, brewed by Gotlands Bryggeri. 50cl bottle at 5,2% ABV.

Color is quite nice hazy yellowy orange, but is it any good?

The nose is quite gentle, most pronounced is the slight flowery aroma mixed in with some fruits, wheat and a slight bit of malt. Banana and toffee springs to mind.

The taste is a bit shallow, with a somewhat quickly disappearing and quite bitter aftertaste. Taste is overall very watery. Some fruitiness with a bit of wheat but it leaves a lot to be desired. Some fruitiness also develops in the aftertaste over time, mostly banana and figs.

Overall this one didn’t really do much for me, but I guess the bitterness and the rather gentle taste could make it a pretty ok summer beverage if served very chilled. One thing that has to be said is that this is quite different from what I expect a weisse beer to taste.

I can’t really find a better word to describe this beer than “average”.

Rating: 4.5/10


One Response to “First beer review up.”

  1. 1 Robert

    Stoler blindt på ølsmaken din, Sindre!

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