Another day, another dollar.


Leaving the office after yet another day of overtime.

To accompany todays blog update, I’m including some pictures i took while walking home. Interesting to try and take some pictures while actually walking 🙂

Unlike most days recently, didnt actually manage to leave the office before around midnight.

Boy oh boy isnt it a glamorous life working in the games industry?

Lastly but most importantly, tomorrow is a big day in terms of beer! ;D Tomorrow Systembolaget will be getting a limited amount of Mikkeller Black 37,5 cl champagne top bottles and 50cl Nøgne Ø Klin Kokkos bottles, and in a few weeks time they will also be getting Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfest as well as North Coast Old Rasputin Impy :D!

Tasting reports will be arriving as soon as these bottles are bought and in my nest. 🙂

And with this, i depart, or rather, in that picture a co worker departs.


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