A year has passed and its time to put a post up.


The birth of my new blog

I figured i might as well use this blog for something. So this will be a place where i dump my random thoughts, be it about game development, living in stockholm or beer tasting. I guess the next natural step would be to buy a macbook and spend a lot of time in cafe’s and supplying you with constant updates of whats going on in my life 😉 I will try to avoid that my blog turns into that and limit this blog to any new developments when it comes to beer, architecture, arts or such that i find interesting enough to write about.

This post will however be more of a “whats been happening recently” for those who might find it interesting 🙂


As far as beer goes this has been a really good year so far for me, among the new beers ive tried in 2008 there have been a few awesome experiences like Närke Kaggen! Stormaktsporter 2006, Struise Pannepot Oak Aged Grand Reserva, Struise Pannepøtt, Mikkeller Black Hole, Vintage De Dolle Oerbier (1998), the very famed Westvleteren 12, Rogue SX Imp Stout, Gonzo Imperial Porter, De Dolle Stille Nacht, Drie Fonteinen Oeude Geuzue, Mikkeller Draft Bear, Cantillon Geuzue, North Coast Old Rasputin and the list could go on forever but theese are some of the highlights of whats been in my glass for the first time in 2008.

Yesterday was not exception really, after a bottle of wine to go with the meal i had i continued with a Drie Fonteinen Ouede Geuze which has to be my favorite Geuzue beer. Very light, very refreshing yet complex and enjoyable. Perfect for a warm summer day and truely a champagne of the beer world. Later on i shared a 75cl bottle of La Trappe Quadruppel with two friends of mine from work and with it we had chocolate truffles, was a very good companion for this sweet beer and as my first taste of La Trappe’s quad, i have to say that i did enjoy it a lot. With the chocolate it was the perfect desert to finish the evening off.

To sum the beer talk of today up here’s is a picture of the La Trappe aftermath and a picture of another highlight this year which was the second bottle of Nøgne Ø Dark Horizon 1st Edition ive had, which is from this easter 🙂

Life, work and the rest

Well, what can one say, its been a hectic few months for me. Crunching heavy on Mirror’s Edge. Stuff is starting to look pretty good but its not without having to put some effort into it. Worked way too much in March and April and have been trying to relax a bit now in May before i pick up the crazy work hours again. One thing i will say is that i doubt i will be doing another 25 hour stretch at work as i did a few weeks ago.

For those of you that havent seen it, we released the first footage of our game a week or so ago.

Click here to see the video

Dont know what more to say, except for what i mentioned most of my time goes into taking pictures of co workers next to crooked things as such

Oh yes, and crashing partys. This saturday me and a co worker decided to see what was going on in the floor above our offices. It was quite a bizzare experience as we stuck out like crazy. Everyone was around 50 years old, wearing suits and it turned out it was the 50th anniversary for a company that does refrigerated boat transporting of foods. Felt kinda weird crashing their party, drinking their champagne and such as we stood out so much that we within the first 30 seconds of entering party got questions about who we where and why we where there. Good times!

Thats it for now! I will continue to post some updates on this blog more frequently now (not let it go 1 year between posts). Next time i will be including a lot more pictures as i wish to do this as more of a photography style blog rather than a random compilation of text and thoughts related to my life 🙂

And what am i currently listening to? That would have to be dEUS – The Architect.

Hei hå!


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